Braulio from PSYALIVE shares his Seed Brazil Experience

Vinay: Welcome to interviews. Today's guest is Braulio, co founder and CEO of PSYALIVE. Braulio is from Bello Horizonte in Brazil and Braulio was part of the Seed Brazil batch 3. Braulio is here with us to share his Seed Brazil experience. So, let's welcome Braulio.
Hi Braulio, welcome to the show and thank you for coming on to share your Seed Brazil experience with our listeners.

Braulio: Hi guys, thank you. It's a pleasure to share something about seed program in Brazil.

Vinay: So, tell me, what does PSYALIVE do?

Braulio: PSYALIVE, basically is a mental tele health platform to connect psychologists and patients to do online conference. And, now we have service to companies to map and develop competencies and skills for employees.

Vinay: That's great! So, experts can come on your platform and then anybody in need of talking to a psychologist can come on to your platform and you connect them to each other.

Braulio: Exactly! And we help the patients and people who are looking for psychologists for coaching, find the most assertive psychologists to their needs.

Vinay: Awesome! Tell the listeners a little bit about yourself and your team. How many of you are there?

Braulio: I have 2 other co founders, we met 4 years ago in a conference that they organized and I introduced the idea I had. Since that time we talked and tried to do MVP and things were not working. And suddenly we joined and started to work hard in the business. It was amazing because before we launched we had almost a thousand psychologists interested in working for us. The month we launched we get a revenue of 5,000 dollars. In our first month.

Vinay: It's always nice to have revenue in your first month right?!

Braulio: Yeah! Exactly.

Vinay: Cool! How, did you come to know about Seed Brazil?

Braulio: Well, Seed Brazil made a lot of noise when they launched in Brazil. Because, it was the first program in Brazil. Brazil, it's a very bureaucratic country and this coming from government, like shaked the country, how it's possible? How a government could invest in some company? This shaked the ecosystem, it was amazing! I tried to apply since the first batch and I couldn't be accepted in the first one because in the first and the second thing I had just an idea when we were in the third round we had more than, maybe, 30,000 dollars of accumulated revenues, so it was easy to be accepted after like we received two noes.

Vinay: That's great to hear. I mean, first thing is you have revenues and then on top of that you get accepted to the accelerator, that must be a small win for your team right?!

Braulio: Yeah yeah, that was good!

Vinay: Was there any relocation from your home town to the place where this program was happening?

Braulio: No no, it's the same city.

Vinay: Oh wow! lucky you.

Braulio: Yeah yeah. Nowadays, there are some cities leading the ecosystem of the startups in Brazil. And one of them is Bello Horizonte, there is huge ecosystem that is called the... recognized abroad as San Pedro Valley. It's a neighborhood that has the first startup there that has more than 300 employees nowadays, it's cool.

Vinay: That's awesome! So, tell me... You had revenues before you went to the program. You applied 2, 3 times and third time you got accepted. Now how was the experience after going there and what was the effect that it had on your company, the whole program?

Braulio: Ok, the first one was network with other entrepreneurs. We were not so connected with people, entrepreneurs from other startups. After that, a lot of challenges we had like trying to solve in that time, joining with other mature entrepreneurs who were more developed than us, helped us a lot.
And the second one, the seed acceleration program, it's very interesting because they have a methodology to help any startup in different levels to achieve your goals.

Vinay: So what you are saying is based on what stage your startup is in, the program is tailored according to your needs.

Braulio: Exactly! They have a methodology, a guide to help and follow you. And you have weekly meetings to look into how are you doing... to help you pursue your objectives... your goals, this kind of things.

Vinay: So, how much did you grow your revenues, if I may ask, from the time you entered the program till the time you got out of the program?

Braulio: Probably, we increased around 30, 40 percent in 6 months.

Vinay: That's great! Now, if I have to ask you to give a rating for your overall experience in the program, what would that be?

Braulio: Between, 0 to 5... something like that?

Vinay: Yeah, something like that yeah, go ahead...

Braulio: Probably it's 4. Why it's not 5? First, in my batch the acceleration program was not in English. For that, they cannot attract a lot of companies abroad. They attracted but the companies gave up. Actually, the methodology, yes, it was in English. But, I don't know, presentations and these kind of things usually was not in English. So, this is a big challenge for our company.
And the other one, trying to connect startups especially with big companies. This is something that is increasing and developing well. Startups doing fast and offering services to big companies. This connection with the market probably, they need to develop more.

Vinay: Ok, I hear you. Lot of startups tell the same thing especially when they are trying to, sort of, build a global company or target an English speaking economy but they are probably based out of some place where they do not have the mentors giving them the help that they require in the language that they require.

Braulio: Exactly!

Vinay: What tips do you have? If anybody wants to get into Startup Brazil, so, what would you tell them now that you've gone through the program?

Braulio: The first tip I have, maybe is, you will be probably in the best place to stay in Brazil. Because, the ecosystem is well developed nowadays and the other part is because the city is so cool, it's a nice city to live, it's more safe than most other cities in Brazil.
Another tip is try to find some place to live together with some Brazilians because it will be easy for you, like, to know the city, to go outside. Usually, people who work in restaurant and bars usually they don't speak English. So, this is a big challenge for people from abroad.

Vinay: So, if you have to give some tips around the application process, what would that be?

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Braulio: Well, I think... I don't know, I don't have any tips for that... Basically, any acceleration program is looking for the same things. Probably, if your solution can be accepted in Brazil, this is a good tip, If your solution can be launched in Brazil, it's a good advantage.

Vinay: Got it, if you want to launch in Brazil and Latin America, maybe this is a good program to take advantage of.

Braulio: Exactly! And, especially if you are looking in some areas that have regulations, these kind of things, it is better you check before how are the rules in Brazil to know if it's possible you launch your product there or not.

Vinay: Yeah... that was a good chat. I think you gave us a lot of information... to the listeners who might be, you know, maybe considering Seed Brazil right now.
So, where can listeners go to find out more about your company and connect with you?

Braulio: Well, people can access our website it is In Brazil, we have another brand that's called That's that. We have social media, Facebook, Linkedin, twitter. And we have a very well written Blog with a lot of content, it's for people who are looking for information about emotional balance, depression, anxiety, this kind of things. They can find us on the web.

Vinay: There you go folks. That was Braulio, co founder and CEO of PSYALIVE. You can go to, that is P S Y A L I V to know more info about what they do. And, please don't forget to share this with other startup founders. Subscribe or follow us on twitter @Your1stInvestor that is @Y O U R 1 S T I N V E S T O R to be the first to hear when we upload new interviews with startup founders. Thank you for tuning in and see you next time...

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